Accessibility & Digital Environments Course

Date(s): Monday, June 5 - Friday, June 9 All Day

Join the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria for the Accessibility & Digital Environments course.

It might sound obvious to say that not everyone accesses information in the same way, but in practice, we often assume otherwise. People with disabilities of many different kinds–sensory, physical, and cognitive–represent a significant percentage of users for many digital projects. Digital humanists can ensure that they are designing for a wide range of users by taking accessibility into account from the beginning of a project, and existing projects can be adjusted and modified to improve their accessibility.

This course will take a two-fold approach to issues of accessibility and the digital humanities: students will read and discuss key works from disability studies in order to consider various applications for DH; these readings will form a critical framework for students’ hands-on work with tools that enable them to evaluate and create accessible digital resources. Students are encouraged but not required to bring their own projects or project ideas in order to evaluate them for accessibility and to make (or anticipate) changes as appropriate. Knowledge of and experience with web design is not required, but curiosity and a willingness to learn are a necessity.

Facilitated by:  Erin E. Templeton and George H. Williams

Location:  University of Victoria

Cost:  $950.00

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Accessibility & Digital Environments Course
Date(s): Monday, June 5 - Friday, June 9
Time: All Day
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