Jessica Riddell speaks about “Lessons from Wonder Woman”

Date(s): Friday, May 4 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Abbotsford Campus

Room:  B101
Facilitators:  Dr. Jessica Riddell

Dr. Jessica Riddell – Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Chair, Department of English, Bishop’s University 3M National Teaching Fellow (2015) Chair, Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)

UFV is pleased to have Jessica Riddell speak on the Lessons of Wonder Woman

The Lessons of Wonder Woman for the Academy Wonder Woman offers a model for our highest ideals of the academy and, by extension, our world.

The 2017 film, directed by Patty Jenkins, was a phenomenon in breaking gender barriers and providing a new model of female super hero. But it did something more powerful: it provided models that we can integrate into the academy. In particular, the movie provides us with a metaphor of the shield, which represents a mindset of generosity, solidarity and humility that enables us to advance others so that they can reach new heights and exceed their individual capacities. The shield bearer is foundational to success but assumes none of the glory. He or she must be attentive to moments where their intervention can change the outcome. Essayist Rebecca Solnit, writing in the Guardian newspaper, describes hope as “the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things we can know beforehand.” The shield bearer is hope in action. This talk will explore the ethical imperative to be engaged as a shield for our students and colleagues, especially the marginalized and underrepresented members of the academy.

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Event Location : Abbotsford Campus

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Jessica Riddell speaks about “Lessons from Wonder Woman”
Date(s): Friday, May 4
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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