October 2019 – TEACHING MATTERS NEWSLETTER – Internationalization / FDW / Providing Resources


When you think of “Internationalization” what comes to mind? What might pop up is classroom seating arrangements, different study habits, or language ability. Or, perhaps something grander such as to “prepare [my] students to live and work in a globalized world” (Guo and Guo, 2017). There are a number of considerations when managing our international classes, so read on and you may find answers to your questions…or just more considerations.

Featured Articles by Faculty Focus

Develop Intercultural Competence to Foster International Student Success
How to Build Inclusive Practices in Education

Featured Videos by Magna Mentor Commons
What Culturally Responsive Teaching Techniques Can I Use to Improve my Teaching?

Teaching and Learning has subscribed to the Magna Mentor Commons, 20 minute videos designed to answer a specific question related to teaching and learning. They deliver actionable insights in highly focused and short presentations designed to fit busy schedules. Sign up today by emailing asktlc@ufv.ca.



150 Acts of Reconciliation for Canada’s 150

On August 4th, there are 150 days left in 2017 – the year of Canada’s 150th birthday. There have been robust discussions this year around reconciliation and we would like to contribute to the conversation. Together, we have written 150 Acts of Reconciliation for the last 150 days of 2017. Many of these are small, everyday acts that average Canadians can undertake, but others are more provocative that encourage people to think about Indigenous-settler relationships in new ways. We encourage you to use #150Acts to share your engagement with each item on the list.

2. Find your local reconciliation organization.

Read more of the 150 Acts…and review UFV Indigenization



Working with Multilingual Learners – Providing resources and practical classroom strategies

This website provides resources and practical classroom strategies to help faculty members who are teaching the increasing numbers of multilingual learners in their classrooms. We have tried to organize the site so that you can find information you need as quickly as possible as well as links to other helpful resources.

Overview of the site

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact: Kerry Johnson


Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW)

Dates: November 4 – 8, 2019
Trainer: Ken Harmel
Location : Clearbrook Campus , CCL135

The Facilitator Development Workshop is designed primarily for individuals who will be conducting the ISW at an institution. Individuals must participate in an ISW prior to applying for the FDW.  The FDW provides individuals with an opportunity for professional development in a challenging and supportive atmosphere and provides connections to a larger instructional development network.
The FDW is a peer-based model providing participants with a small group setting in which to work on facilitation skills. The small groups meet in plenary sessions each day featuring such themes as: diverse learners, collaborative learning, and feedback models.

Click for more information or to register



Upcoming Webinar

The Emerging Landscape of Learning: A Review of Five Years of AAC&U’s VALUE Initiative

Wed. Oct 30 (11am – 12pm)  
UFV Abbotsford Campus, room B121

Please join us for an AAC & U Webinar presentation that will synthesizing five years’ worth of data, and showcase the results generated by the national—now multinational—Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) initiative. Facilitators will present evidence of students’ attainment of such essential intellectual and practical skills as critical thinking, written communication, and civic engagement, and they will engage participants in thinking through the methodological, pedagogical, and practical implications of this work.

There is an upcoming opportunity for the College of Arts to participate in the VALUE Institute and we would appreciate your feedback.





It is UFV’s mandate that this tool be used as a learning tool for students. Faculty members can set up a Turnitin assignment where students can submit papers several times up to the assignment deadline. Once the deadline arrives, the assignment currently submitted is the final version. By allowing students to see the originality report prior to final submission, students can ensure their papers are not plagiarized. (Proper set up of the assignment is required as paper titles, bibliographies, and common phrases can be highlighted as plagiarized text. Visit the Teaching and Learning Centre for assistance.)

To sign up with Turnitin.com, contact asktlc@ufv.ca. They will sign you up, provide you with a login and any necessary training if you require.




online@ufv.ca is no longer – so use askufv@ufv.ca

You may have already heard that Teaching & Learning has a new email address for support, it’s asktlc@ufv.ca. Catchy, right? Please use this new email address for questions or support related to pedagogy and itservicedesk@ufv.ca for support related to technology. Here is an example: If instructors want to know how to add a discussion forum in Blackboard (a simple how-to) then contact itservicedesk@ufv.ca. If instructors want ideas on how to get better engagement in discussion forums (how-to use a tool more effectively), then contact asktlc@ufv.ca. Don’t worry, ITS and Teaching & Learning work together closely so we’ll make sure the appropriate department responds to your request quickly.

A reminder that Teaching & Learning offers assistance and recommends teaching tools and techniques to apply not only in online courses, but in traditional and hybrid ones, too.



Reserve Technology Equipment Online

Online Request Form

Faculty and staff can order technology resources such as digital cameras, laptops, data projectors, swivl cameras, microphones, etc. from the listing available on the above link.

For more information, please contact: asktlc@ufv.ca



BCcampus Newsletter  

Get the word out about the 2019 Symposium: Learning Transformation at Coast Mountain College on October 25th, 2019! 
Pre-and post-conference events! Experiential, place-based learning! 2019 Symposium is going to be amazing this year. Everyone is welcome and childcare is available for the pre-conference and conference event!

Register for 2019 Symposium
Calendar of Events – full listing of events on BC Campus



UDLHE DIGICON 2019: An Inaugural UDLHE Global Event- Online Conference

Save the Date: October 18, 2019, 9am – 4pm EST

Vision for the Digicon:

The #UDLHE Digital Conference will be an opportunity for UDL-interested (and invested) faculty, staff, and graduate students from around the world to convene and learn together without the burden of geographic and cost-based barriers. It will offer an opportunity to hear from people that we otherwise would not have access to, call for and facilitate presentations that advance the work of UDL in higher education and catalyzes individuals to bring their work and findings to other non-UDL focused conferences.

We will meet via structured online meeting space. We are hoping to include people from around the world both synchronously and asynchronously.

Register here!