Third Annual “Celebrate Learning” Event

Date(s): Wednesday, December 6 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Please join us for the Third Annual “Celebrate Learning at UFV” event, an initiative proudly hosted by the Teaching and Learning Centre. We’re excited to showcase 8 exceptional UFV educators from different disciplines, each sharing their innovative approach to learning in 2023.

By joining in this event, you’ll gain fresh insights, practical strategies, and a deeper appreciation for the remarkable work your colleague educators are doing to enhance student learning at UFV. “Celebrate Learning at UFV” is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and applaud the adaptability, creativity, and dedication of our UFV educators when it comes to helping students learn.

Celebrate Learning Event 2023 line-up/presentation titles

  1. Dr. Noah Schwartz, Assistant Professor, Political Science – Bringing Learning to Life.

  2. Dr. Kirsten Robertson, Associate Professor, School of Business – The Magic of Transforming a Classroom into an Organization. 

  3. Cindy Rammage, Associate Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies – Using the 5 R’s as self-assessment for contributions to the learning community In Child and Youth Care.

  4. Dr. Luisa Giles, Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology A Midterm Reflection.

  5. Christine Zapisocki, Manager, Campus Living, Student Affairs & Kimberly Ferguson, Housing Operations Manager, Housing Operations UFV Housing and Campus Living Curriculum.

  6. Dr. Lolehawk Laura Buker, Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies – Voices of the River.

  7. Dr. Anna Griffith, Assistant Professor, School of Creative Arts – Regenerative Education: Nature-embedded, AI-infused Learning.

When and where

Wednesday, December 6th 12noon- 2pm, Online via Zoom


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The recordings of the individual presentations will be posted on the UFV MediaSpace. Previous year’s sessions can be viewed here:

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Celebrate Learning – Indigenization 2022 – Full Webinar

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Event Location

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Third Annual “Celebrate Learning” Event
Date(s): Wednesday, December 6
Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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